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From Ecology to Economy in Building!

We live at the age of increasing ecological crisis. Long-term violation of natural balance has made mankind to realize that being obvious has escaped our attention for a long time: all living organisms inhabiting our planet depend on environment and feel its influence.

Planning new building it is necessary to understand that any house must not only meet functional and esthetic requirements but have no negative ecological effect for environment. Because our health and also health of our children and grandchildren depend on ecological safe situation.

Autoclave cellular concrete gain general global acceptance as highly ecological safe building material, which is applied in house building in projects of public purposes and in industrial building.

Peculiarity of this use is caused as by technical and sanitary characteristics of building projects built from autoclave cellular concrete so minimization of negative effect of manufacturing process to the environment. This material which does not harm the environment and comparing to all other building materials in the widest range executes requirements of energy efficiency. Autoclave cellular concrete by ecological safety is comparable to wood and have similar consumer characteristics.

Energy resource prices rise and recognition of environment protection need make building materials manufacturers to improve their production developing and introducing innovative materials. Striking example of such enterprises is the Open Joint Stock Company «the PZSP».

The Open Joint Stock Company «the PZSP» manufactures goods from cellular concrete of autoclave curing. One of many kinds of manufactured products of the plant is floor slabs of cellular concrete (TU 19570).

Floor slabs are meant for making floors and ceilings and covering of residential and public buildings up to five storeys high. Slabs are meant for assumed load of 600 kg/m?. Floor slab itself is a flat single-layer construction 300 mm thick from aerocrete of autoclave curing on mixed binding (cement+lime), reinforced by space structure.

Slabs are manufactured from autoclave cellular concrete with strength class В3.5, density grade Д-700 and cold resistance grade F25. Slabs are reinforced by welded flat structures which before being placed into mold are welded into integrated space structure. They also have cuts for ventilation system. At slabs lateral faces «bushing keys» are provided allowing slabs work at shift in vertical and horizontal directions.

The main characteristics of cellular concrete plates are their heat insulation and low weight which give them advantage over reinforced concrete plates of other manufacturers. Choosing materials for exterior walls many people prefer blocks from autoclave cellular concrete. Use of uniform materials at house building gives to construction unified integrity which increases its technical and ecological characteristics. Besides use of floor slabs from cellular concrete in building allows real economy. It can bee seen even at the initial stage of building at calculation of heat insulation material for house floor and ceilings heat insulation. So for heat insulation of reinforced concrete plates 0,5 m3/m2 of expensive heat insulation layer is necessary and for floor slabs from cellular concrete up to 0,3 m3/m2. House built from uniform material — autoclave cellular concrete will make you happy by warmth, comfort, cosyness and ecological safety for many years.

The Open Joint Stock Company «the PZSP» helps to solve as ecological so economical tasks staying obvious leader in production of cellular concrete materials in the region.