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Open Joint Stock Company PZSP was found in 1963. The first production of the enterprise was — commodity lime, since 1967 production of wide spectrum of goods from heavy and cellular concrete was started. Today the PZSP is the largest in the region manufacturer of materials of building industry of the Perm krai and one of the most significant builder. The PZSP has reached such position due to the full building cycle — from design to the houses delivery «turn key». Own power station (built in 2007), shipping department, design department, big production basis consolidate positions of the enterprise. Nikolay Ivanovich Demkin, the Honoured builder of Russia is the head of the enterprise.

Main kinds of manufactured materials today are — aerocrete blocks, exterior and interior wall panels, floor slabs, heat insulation material, lime, glass packs etc. Competition at building materials production market has become sharper with the beginning of recession of the state economics. Many enterprises of the Perm krai passed to price competition, pressure from building materials manufacturers of another town increased. In spite of that, share of market of the PZSP by basic building materials stays at stable high level (share of market at the territory of the Perm krai is indicated at the end of 2010):

  • Market of precast concrete for panel house building — 49% (tendency of market share increase in this segment).
  • Market of other precast concrete — 10%.
  • Market of cellular blocks — 77%.
  • Market of lime — 45%.
  • Market of design service — 90%.
  • Market of building of series «Э-600» — 60% in Perm (tendency of market share increase in this segment).
  • Market of primary real estate sale in Perm — 25% (comparing to 2008, rise in 2,5 times).

The main consumers of the PZSP production are the largest building organizations of the Perm krai.

Today the main building direction of the plant activity is building of 10- and 16-storeyed panel houses of economic class of series «Э-600», and building of prefabricated skeleton-type buildings up to 100 m high. At building of apartment houses the specialists of the PZSP reach high rate of construction. Four-entrances 10-storeyed house with finishing fully connected to the utilities is built in 9 months, which allows to shorten investment cycle. For 10-years period the PZSP has introduced more than 25 apartment houses. Each house is of increased level of accomplishment of the territory around building and qualitative finishing.

The real estate market of Perm was at the peak of development at 2005 — 2008, which leaded to substantial rise of flat prices as at the primary, so at the secondary market. At present the market of new buildings is at the transition phase. Preservation of low demand volume leaded to «freezing» of many building projects, and unavailability of credit resources — to bankruptcy of small building companies. On the contrary, the building volume of the PZSP rises each year — by results of 2010 the enterprise has introduced into exploitation 32 000 sq.m., not taking into account materials supply to off-site consumers. PZSP for 2011 provide introduction into exploitation of 58 000 sq.m. of multistorey housing in Perm and Perm district, and more than 2 000 sq.m. of low-rise housing.

Increasing volumes of delivered housing allowed the PZSP in 2010 to take the share of Perm apartment houses building market about 15%. In money terms, not taking into account flats sale at contests and realization by offsetting, the share of the PZSP at the previous market of Perm by results of 2010 was about 20%. The main competitors of the enterprise in conditions of transition market feel difficulties with projects financing, timely houses introduction, and correspondingly, loose customers confidence.

Full capacities of the PZSP allow to build not less than 145 000 sq.m. of high quality apartment houses of economic class per year. Additionally, at cellular concrete production the PZSP is ready to manufacture building materials for low-rise building in the amount not less than 120 000 sq.m. per year.

The level of repute and confidence of the brand of the PZSP for the last years shows stable growth. By results of the latest investigation, realized in spring of 2010, the PZSP was at the first place by popularity. Each third citizen of the capital of the Perm krai names it at a blow. The PZSP has become just as famous as the heads of executive authority bodies. The drop behind of the main competitor «Kamskaya Dolina» by repute was 13,3%.

The level of confidence of the PZSP, according to information of the same investigation is more than 43% — also the first place. The PZSP fundamentally left behind its competitors by level of confidence. The drop behind of the closest competitor is more than double. The reason of this success is stable and qualitative work of the PZSP, and PR managers of the enterprise (personal responsibility of managers).

In 2010 the PZSP was granted several substantial awards as at regional, so at All-Russian level.

In summer of 2010, within traditional contest of Perm builders «Building organization, enterprise of building industry of high efficiency and the best project of the city» the PZSP won several awards in nominations «The Best Building Organization», «The Best Builder in Investment and Building Activity», «The Best Project of the City», «The Leader of Building Complex of the Perm krai». The Director General of the plan Nikolay Ivanovich Demkin was awarded as the best manager of the building complex of the Perm krai.

The enterprise got the All-Russian acknowledgement had won in the contest «1000 Best Enterprises of Russia» for high business activity and effective activity in 2010». In the same contest the PZSP won the nomination «The Best Enterprise of Building and Building Industry». Within the 14th All-Russian contest of the best enterprise of building materials industry and building industry (Russia, Moscow, Ministry of Regional Development) the PZSP was awarded by the diploma of the 1st grade.

At present economic situation the main aim of the PZSP becomes the maintenance of the reached level of development and creation of growth perspective. On this basis the main method of the set aim reaching becomes active competition at the market for keeping of existing customers and attraction of new clients. As price, so nonprice methods should be used for competition.

Additional client services are introduced, allowing to determine our company as the most attractive business partner and the best supplier and manufacturer of building materials.