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Goods & Services

Building and Sale of Flats and Cottages

The Open Joint Stock Company the PZSP — is one of the largest builders of the Perm krai. We build and sale qualitative and comfort flats in many districts of Perm and the Perm krai. Besides apartment houses the PZSP is the builder of cottage settlements created by the up-to-date standards with cooperation with Russian and foreign partners.
Sale of Building Materials

The range of goods manufactured at the PZSP includes the most part of any building organization needs. Finished projects and complete sets for cottage building. Precast concrete, effective aerocrete items, wall and partition blocks, heat insulation material, floor slabs, crosspieces. Curb stones, foundation blocks, subways, chutes for drainage systems, wells of telephone communication and sewage wells. Paving tile. Lump and grounded lime. Asphalt concrete mixture. Concrete. Building mortar. Windows and glass packs. Wooden and metal items.

Cottages Building

The Open Joint Stock Company «Trade House the PZSP» provides the entire spectrum of services of cottages building «turn key», or according to the customer agreement:

  • provision of services of land for building purchase
  • binding of foundations to the land
  • individual step-by-step building (foundations, frame, roof, finishing, accomplishment)

Apartment Houses Building of Series Э-600

The enterprise execute building works «turn key», including design, manufacturing of building components, units and constructions, their transportation, mounting, finishing and works of yards territory accomplishment.

For the last several years the PZSP has been permanently included into number of the largest builders of the region. By results of 2006 the plant reached the third place among building organizations of the Perm krai by the amount of introduced housing, had provided the introduction into exploitation of about 56 000 sq.m. of general area.

Transport Services and Services of Special Equipment

The Open Joint Stock Company «The PZSP» offers to organizations and private persons wide spectrum of transport services of cargo and passengers transportation as in the city, so interurban trips. Any special and building equipment. Buses from 13 to 32 seats. Pile driving. Earth boring machine, trial etc.

Flexible prices, individual approach to every client.

Metals Sawing Service

The enterprise provides metal sewing service:

  • circular section with diameter from 100 to 400 mm,
  • square section, width 500 and height 400 mm.

Sawing is realized from materials according to customer sizes. Information and orders by telephone: +7 (342) 213-70-52.

Development and Supply «turn key» of Aerocrete Blocks Manufacturing Lines

The Open Joint Stock Company «The PZSP» mastered the production of high-technology lines of aerocrete blocks manufacturing. The PZSP is the holder of up-to-date, highly productive technology of aerocrete blocks autoclave production, and with the help of reliable local equipment manufacturers is able to organize lines production and supply to all regions of Russia. And not only this.