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The modern buyer at the real estate market carefully but persistently claims his needs. He would like to buy not just a housing but maximum of comfort at reasonable price. He wants to look in all corners of his future housing, to touch everything by his hands, but the main thing — to get the most complete and reliable information about material from which the house is built.

Potential property purchasers and individual builders more and more trend to the aerocrete. Today aerocrete blocks, equally good for building as individual houses so apartment houses, has already steadily stood up in one range with such popular building materials as brick — though by its characteristics aerocrete is closer to wood!

Aerocrete porosity gives material the possibility to «breathe». Connection between pores allows moisture and air to migrate. Because of this inside of house from aerocrete exterior wall a man feels himself comfortably — it is warm in house at cold weather and cool at heat. Besides, the presence of open porosity allows aerocrete not to deteriorate under influence of external factors — such as temperature difference. Water expands at freezing and is distributed by pores, not destroying the structure of material. Aerocrete unlike wood does not burn, rot and age.

But all these in full refers only to the modern aerocrete, manufactured with compliance of the most strict quality requirements. In Perm krai such «real» aerocrete is manufactured by the Open Joint Stock Company «the PZSP». The PZSP experience of aerocrete manufacturing is more than 40 years, aerocrete blocks have been manufactured at the plant fore more than 15 years already. Experience of manufacturing and exploitation of this material allows specialists of the PZSP to guarantee quality of products and keep it at the maximum highest level.

Unfortunately, lately many large-scale and small «manufacturers» started shameless use of the PZSP reputation, offering under real aerocrete of the PZSP production not only non-corresponding the requirements of GOST, but simply unsafe. The customers are tried to be sold either openly «slapdash workmanship» — blocks with geometry violation, uneven pores distribution, weight exceed, or production provided for walling of interior partitions with cold resistance F15 — instead of blocks provided for exterior walls (cold resistance F25). Certainly it is often impossible for the ordinary customer to make out all these fine points, which results in real problems during building and exploitation of house, built from such of poor quality material.

The best illustration of distinction of blocks of the PZSP from such «ersatz — aerocrete» — is the results of the latest testing, realized by «Hilti Distribution Ltd.». Tests show, for example, that block of the PZSP production stands the loading on fixed anchor three times higher that blocks of other local manufacturers — this factor is especially important at design of high-rise buildings with the use of attached facades. This is only one example, from many ones which may be given. Blocks of the PZSP comply with GOST and other normative documents with guarantee, and quality management system of the PZSP is certified according to ISO 9001–2009.

Therefore winning of aerocrete blocks of the PZSP production at the contest «100 Best Goods of Russia — 2009» in nomination «Production and Technical Purpose Goods» became absolutely natural. In other words, today the quality of the enterprise products is acknowledged at the federal level, and this means, that house built from aerocrete blocks of the PZSP, will be maximum comfortable and will be for decades serve you and your family faithfully.

Concerning matters of purchasing of aerocrete blocks of the PZSP refer to the Limited Society «Trade House the PZSP» by telephones in Perm: +7 (342) 219-67-77, 219-67-21.