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Series E-600

Series Э-600 — the Choice of Builders

Report of the Director General of the Open Joint Stock Company «the PZSP» Nikolay Ivanovich Demkin, prepared for V economic forum.

At the beginning — several words about history of the PZSP. The enterprise was found in 1963, the plant has been manufacturing items for concrete panel houses building since 1967. In 1988 production of reinforced aerocrete series Э-600 was started, and since 1999 the PZSP has been building high-rise buildings of this series itself.

Beside this, the enterprise is the largest in the krai manufacturer of aerocrete blocks. The range of production of the enterprise also includes — glass packs, electricity and many others.

Today the main house building technologies in Russia and in the world are brick, monolith and plate. Panel house building also may be divided into several types. In this segment there are as out-of-date so up-to-date technologies. Reinforced aerocrete of series Э-600 technology refers to the up-to-date one.

Modern house from reinforced aerocrete — is already not a «panel» in traditional meaning. Comparing to the other widespread building technologies series Э-600 is quite competitive.

The PZSP not just has building technology of houses of series Э-600, but constantly improves it making houses of this series different from each other. Such «panel» is well fit into present building and does not spoil architectural aspect of the district.

In some circles there is an opinion that panel houses are worse than monolith ones. We venture not to agree with this statement. The main thing is — not what the house is built from, but how it is built. It is possible to built monolith house according to individual project so that it will be not only uncomfortable but unsafe to live in. On the other hand panel house may be a decoration of any district not only by quality of life and comfort but also by appearance expressiveness.

Another argument for the benefit of reinforced aerocrete of the PZSP — peculiarities of real estate market which include the following:

People are interested first of all not in material of the built house. The main thing is — quality of life in this house.

The demand for economy class housing is maximum. Moderate price is attainable only if minimum works are realized directly at construction site. Automation, mechanization, constant temperature conditions — all these are possible only at plant conditions. As a result we get not only decrease of period of construction and costs but also possibility of continuous quality control.

For scale introduction of monolith building technology long-term investments are necessary which are absent today due to demographic situation and low income level of population.

Finally a man just should have options: weather to prefer square meters in monolith house or comfort environment in the district built from reinforced aerocrete — it is a personal right of everyone.

By price, terms and quality of building the reinforced aerocrete is the best.

House building technology from reinforced aerocrete is also widespread abroad. The reason is simple: still no one has invented anything quicker, cheaper and more qualitative than prefabricated house building.

But to get evidence of possibilities of up-to-date building it is not necessary to look abroad.

Not for nothing Perm citizens call Proletarskiy district «Europe over the Kama river». Some 30 years ago it was «Shanghai». And today here are houses from reinforced aerocrete series «Э-600».

But Proletarskiy district — is not at all a"dormitory» district in traditional meaning of this word. Quality of life, level of accomplishment and safety, harmonious architecture of Proletarskiy district may serve an example for central districts of large cities. And this — is obvious evidence of thesis: the point is not in what the house is built from but in how it is built, how competent the territory is planned, how responsibly the builder approaches solving of accomplishment matters, finally, how professionally these houses are serviced.

Modern man needs full value environment, which is created by the PZSP. Till what extent our view of quality of life corresponds the expectations of citizens of Perm — residents of Proletarskiy district may be asked about this. Many move to this district from the center of the city, but only few migrate in reverse direction.

So prefabricated house building from reinforced aerocrete — is up-to-date technology with a lot of possibilities for development and improvement. To make comparison lets remember «popular car» — «Volkswagen bug». At the moment of its appearance this car completely corresponded the requirements of that time. New time has come but «Volkswagen bug» still takes advantage of national love. Of course, modern «bug» is equipped with all possible novelties which exist in automobile industry. But this is the same car! In this meaning the panel of series Э-600 is very close to «bug».

At the moment of its appearance this series also completely satisfied the requirements of the time. Time passes, requirements for quality of life, period of construction, architectural appearance of buildings and the whole city change. Together with new challenges series Э-600 also changes, equipment is improved.

Our enterprise for the last years invested main funds in modernization and development of production. We always tend to make houses of series Э-600 always actual. We still keep on working on this.

Today houses from reinforced aerocrete not only correspond the requirements of the market in full by period of building, price and quality of life, but can satisfy the highest requirements to the look of modern cities. The main thing is — building should be realized by professionals.

Concerning matters of purchasing of series Э-600 of the PZSP refer to the Limited Society «Trade House the PZSP» by telephones in Perm: +7 (342) 219-67-77, 219-67-21